Role of Graphic Designer in Website Designing

19 Mar

Two terms “Graphic Design” and “Web design” seems to be very close with each other as both have purpose of designing visual image, there is a difference of thin line between their jobs. A web designer is a guy with programming level knowledge to integrate the graphic and different web component of website into web page where graphic designer focus on the design of individual element of website rather than worrying about how they would get integrated and placed in website.

Graphics in website have key role in participating in overall success brings by website. Furthermore a graphic designer is the guy who has advance knowledge on format of images used for website, pixel level changes for making images more clear and ability of making website look beautiful. He knows exactly how to crop, edit and resize any images for use with any web elements. In short graphic designer is the guy with better visual knowledge and tools for building images for website. Graphic designer with basic programming knowledge can perform the task of web designer but reverse is not true for the web designer.

A journey of creative web designer may get started with carrier in graphic design as for making web design successful, it is necessary to know how to avail benefits of creative graphic designing. Task of web designer involves managing the placement of each element of web page, integration of graphic produced by Graphic design expert and creating error free coding. It also involve taking decision on how to present business goals and achieve objective through website with use of different object and providing suggestion to graphic designer for compatibility of images designed for different elements.

Thus hiring Chicago graphic design expert can reduce the work of web designer which requires putting for managing graphic for better usability. With perfect graphic designing, designer can focus on other tasks which are related to website performance and visual presentation of business value through design and can spend more time on conducting testing over other platforms and browsers for better usability and user experience.

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