Four Elements of Modern Interface Design

15 Mar

HTML5 Web forms

Don’t bore your visitors showing an old text box and label elements with no fancy style and accuracy. Some web designer still used to create a web form by placing individual input elements which require more efforts in programming as well as designing. An HTML5web form element is single element to take multiple inputs from users with use of different input objects.  The benefit of form element is you can manage, design and validate input with coding of single element instead of handling individual elements. Further they are available with great style features which look very attractive. This element provides fanciness along with simplicity to drive more conversion. Developer also need to put less efforts as he needs to code for single tag which includes all other tags.

Small fancy icons as buttons or links

Use of creative small graphic which includes certain text or image to specify certain action to perform is being used in modern website designs. Icons are widely use in mobile application or mobile websites as you just need to integrate that icon rather than worrying about style and color for formal button and link elements.

Mouse hover objects

Sometimes you get confused on which information to add and which not to as both piece of information are as valuable and necessary to add you have limited space on the page. Displaying product detail and information on payment and shipping policy is an ideal example to elaborate above situation as once users view product detail; he may want to know about payment and shipping policy. With use of CSS3 or Jquery plug-ins you can easily create beautiful elements with hover function to show off detail information.  So this way you can display more information in same limitation of space on the page all you need to put your brain on correct structuring of the content.

Use of sliding headers for call to action

Making first impression on your visitors also depends on how beautifully you implement your call to action function. One common style we have notice specified by clients in their requirement for designing website at spinx – web design Chicago firm is the integration of sliding images in header for call to action. Large header with use of graphic to highlight special products or special services is being more preferred by marketers.

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