Characteristics of New York Web Development Expert

22 Feb

I have used “New York” in title of my post because these are the skills I have observed from one of my friend working at New York web design firm. There are certain things an excellent developer should have or certain features which can be seen easily in his development. Below is the quick view on all these points.

Business Research

A programmer without doing research about the business prospective or requirement is taking certain decision blindly even if he is expertise at. Your client isn’t able to give you technical specification and he would just provide rough requirement and it is up to developer to know the basic purpose and requirement of specific business with regards to its niche. When you are developing B2B websites, you should research other popular B2B sites as well to know about all the possible things which can be developed or required client may not give you all detail and may ask to develop the same in future.

Optimized Database design

When there is a need of retrieving data from hundreds of tables in database which are connected with each other by one or two common field, optimized database generation can reduce lots of work. Developing complex ERP application is an ideal example. Defining the need designing individual database and establishing the relationship with different tables in same database and in different need to be done smartly. You may have to write hundreds line of coding for one Insert or update query due to weak database design and it would be very time consuming.

 Error Evaluation skills

There is lots of debugging and testing require for creating error free coding. There Is a method which can debug each line of your coding hence he must have ability to find the error at place quickly. A good programmer must have ability to identify the problems and able to resolve it even if it has been developed by someone else.

Documentation skills

Coding of professional programmer is well managed and contains detail specification of coding of different section on website with use of comments or external specification. This type of coding with specification can be easily understood by other programmer. Kind of projects which require couple of months to complete, it may possible that more than one developer works together and it must documented well for all participant.

Decision taking skills

A developer with great skills without productivity and decision taking skills is not worth compare to the one with has. Efficient utilization of skills and knowledge at right time is necessary. He should know how to get maximum productivity from him.

At Spinx, New York web development we ask our programmer to follow certain standard and to improve above skills and motivate them to improve performance with productivity.


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