– Will it be a successful new entry in the Smart Phone market?

17 Jul

Amazon to Enter in Smart Phones MarketThe recent subject of speculation from technology experts and market analysts around the world has been regarding Amazon’s entry into the smart phone market. Collaborating with Foxconn, the Chinese company which also manufactures Apple iPhone, it plans to manufacture an Android-based smart phone.

Amazon’s move into the smart phone market has been for several reasons such as in today’s time consumers have started relying more on mobile devices to access the online content. It is a trend which will define the future of online communication. Amazon could be on a losing side if they do not take the advantage of showing their presence in this kind of rapid growing market. Amazon’s smart phone can also get the benefit of Amazon Kindle when it comes to software platform and device interface.

Amazon wouldn’t want to cash on its smart phone in an initial basis like Amazon Kindle. Its goal initially might be to bring in new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones. With Amazon Kindle as a major support, Amazon’s smart phone can go for a razor-blade strategy, where unique design of razor attracts customers to buy a particular shaving kit and major part of revenue is generated from the blades.

Amazon is likely to be benefitted from its loyal customer segment that are already Amazon Kindle and would be pretty much excited to buy another Amazon device. Also Amazon might get support from various service providers who will help Amazon make its entry into the mobile phone market as it will give the service providers power to negotiate with Amazon as far as providing services are concerned due to the fierce competition already existing in the smart phone market. Also Amazon has the capability to use its direct powerful channel to market its products and make revenue from sales made to the customers.

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But at the same time Amazon might also face a high amount of cut throat competition by introducing its smart phone in a market where already big names exist. On an initial basis it might be very difficult to develop a phone that can successfully compete with the likes of major players such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung to name a few. Also by introducing iPhone successfully in the smart phone market, Apple has set the bar very high for the new entrants as even the existing biggies have a real tough time giving Apple a competition. In order to make its place strong, Amazon needs to learn in advance how to maneuver patents designed to protect existing mobile technologies. Here another potential hurdle Amazon might have to overcome is to convince the target customers as to why Amazon smart phone is a viable alternative to buy over Apple iPhone, Blackberry Bold and Curve Series, Samsung Galaxy or HTC & Nokia smart phones.

Our Expert Technology Analysts at thinks these challenges won’t de-motivate Amazon to make its foray into the mobile-phone market because even without necessary technical skills and assets, Amazon has its magnanimous brand name to back it up, and also you cannot forget the story of Apple when it was about to launch its iPhone six years ago and was in the same place where Amazon is standing today. It is expected that Amazon might start the production of its smart phone either at the end of 2012 or at the beginning of 2013 and the speculation is it might come up with a screen of size in the range of 4-5 inches.


Google Analytics Now available as Android Mobile App

2 Jul

Google has finally launched much awaited it’s most popular web tracking application “Google Analytics” for android mobile phones. As it was highly expected application for the android users, now they can access Google analytics on their mobile with the latest app with ease.

Google Analytics Mobile App Android Showing Real Time Reports And Dashboard

Android App for Google Analytics Showing Real Time Reports And Dashboard.

Google analytics team has released the official Google analytics mobile application in beta last Friday. Currently, there are many different applications on Google Play that utilize the Goggle analytics API to show reports and other dashboards. We at think that this app is basically launched to enhance the analytical data access on Google’s Latest Tablet Launch known as Google Nexus 7.

We have also figured out that, the feature known as swipe-gesture interface is used to switch between screens. This enables the access to multiple reports for all Google Analytics Profile of the app user. It also features basic feature offered by Google analytics for web like Real-Time Analysis, Showing Dashboard stats, Goal alerts etc.

With the help of this new mobile analytics app you can access various features of Google analytics on your android phone:

Real-time reports: You can view the currently online visitors of your website’s various pages on the screen of this app.

Dashboard: You can monitor the basic stats and metrics you care about the most for your website. By Default it will show the Unique Visitors and Goal Conversion Rate which are customizable as per your need.

Automatic and customized Alerts:  With the help of this application you can track the statistical differences in your analytics data and can set the custom alert whenever those anomalies arise. You can customize your alerts for various data changes and set your own goals to get alert on.

The Google’s mobile app launch at this time is clearly based on the stats that say that app access has surpassed the web access. People are more involved in mobile application access then the web access based on computers.

Software Engineer at Google Peng Li Stated, ” Our users have been asking us for a Google Analytics app for some time now, and we’re so excited to make it available today on Android”. He also added “This project has been a real labor of love, and we’re thrilled that users can start downloading the app today.”

The Google analytics team has announced Mobile App Analytics which enables you to track mobile app’s analytics with the Google Analytics Mobile App.

You can download the Google analytics mobile app from Google Play. Share your thoughts and views for this new mobile application for Android. Download it and comment about its performance.

Facebook apps enable users to “follow” Actions

28 Jun

Social Media Giant Facebook recently released a new feature known as “Open Graph” which enables the Facebook users to follow certain actions and users from a range of Facebook Apps. Without being subscribed or being friend, this new feature will let users to get updates for certain actions from news feed.

Facebook has shared the details in the official blog post related to this paradigm. They stated in their official developer blog “Today we are launching the Open Graph built-in follow action. We have also analysed that, The follow action makes it easier for people to keep tabs on the stories people tell from within your app in their News Feed, Timeline and through the notifications channel”. There is also a documentation page for this new feature called Open Graph Follows.

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Let’s have a look at an example; users are able to decide to follow and get updates when another user post photo to Instagram or when a famous movie critic publishes a review about a new movie and this does not require the user to see all of the updates from that person. This sounds like subscribing someone’s news feed but that gives you advance ability to choose which part you want to see based on which app you are using.

From our point of view, Now the app developers are challenged to include this new feature with their existing networks. And we the users are too used to get the best out of this newly introduced feature from social networking site Facebook.

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Free Wi-Fi access from Google in New York City

27 Jun

Free WiFi from Google in New YorkSearch engine giant has released another revolutionary and free service. This time, it is a free Wi-Fi connection for this summer. Entering into the Wi-Fi market of the New York City, Google has announced to provide the free Wi-Fi access to the citizens of the New York City from 25 June to 7 September 2012.

As per the details from Google Offers, they are going to join hands with Boingo Wireless to offering cost free Wi-Fi in around 200 locations of New York City. In an official announcement Boingo Wireless which is New York’s leading Wi-Fi provider announced that Google is going to sponsor free Wi-Fi across New York City. Starting from 25 June 2012 people can access Wi-Fi spots free of cost in selected Wi-Fi access points. In a press release Boingo reported “Free Wi-Fi sponsored by Google Offers makes it easy for everyone to get their Internet on this summer via Boingo’s network across Manhattan.”

You can access the free Wi-Fi at around 200 different Hotzone hotspot locations situated all over the New York City. In their promotion Boingo Announced that those who tweet with #FreeNYCWiFi can receive rewards as per their new reward program.

A futuristic plan of Boingo says that they are going to release the service for 36 different subway stations across the city. Which include major locations like Time Square, Columbus circle and Rockefeller Center. As per the reports Boingo is planning to provide the Wi-Fi services to across 270 stations that will create a network that serves 1.6 billion annual passengers.

Free offer of WiFi by Google Offers at NYC Subway Station

Currently below stations are supported by new Wi-Fi service:

A, C, E station at Eighth Avenue and West 14th Street
L station at Eighth Avenue and West 14th Street
C, E station at Eighth Avenue and West 23rd Street
1, 2, 3 station at Seventh Avenue and West 14th Street
F, M station at Sixth Avenue and West 14th Street
L station at Sixth Avenue and West 14th Street

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Google Panda Algorithm Update 3.8 on 25 June 2012

26 Jun

panda update 3.8 rolled outGoogle has rolled out the search update of the panda on 25th June 2012. This update is known as Google panda update 3.8. This crucial update is confirmed by few sites as they have already seen a specific traffic drop from couple of days.

The update is evidently “going to affect the 1% of queries worldwide”, which was confirmed by the Google’s official tweet on twitter.

We can see the official tweet from the Google as below announcing the panda algorithm update.

google panda update 3.8

Let’s have a look at various dates that shows the history of Google Panda update release:

24 February 2011: Google Panda Update released for US, affecting estimated total of 12% of search results.

11 April 11 2011: Panda 2.0 update to English queries worldwide.

10 May 2011: Panda 2.1 update released (dubbed as 3.0), Data about sites that have been blocked in large numbers by Google Chrome users is incorporated into this run of Panda.

21 June 2011: Panda 2.2 update to refresh the sites that are affected with panda update.

23 July 2011: Panda 2.3 update released.

12 August 2011: Panda 2.4 Update was released worldwide by Google. It is noticeable that before it was only for US and English version of Google.

28 September 2011: Panda update 2.5 rolled out and affected most sites with huge traffic drop and looses.

18 October 2011: This update features “(not provided)” for some organic traffic in Google analytics.

18 November 2011: Panda 3.1 came into effect. This Update version 3.1 was After Panda 2.5. Between the huge time span of two updates, Google announced small updates known as “Panda Flux” where updates started to occur quite frequently but in minor genre. Basically this update was introduced as version 3.1, even though there was no official 3.0. For the purposes of this history it was believed that numbering Panda updates was expected only for very high-impact changes.

18 January 2012: Panda 3.2 came into effect mostly included as “Panda Flux” update.

27 February 2012: “Venice” update put pressure on localized data in search. Also panda 3.2 update happened on the same date as “flux” update.

23 March 2012: Google rolled out Panda 3.4 Update affecting 1.6% of search results.

19 April 2012: Panda 3.5 Update was routine update with minimal search impact.

27 April 2012: Panda 3.6 Update released whose impact known as relatively small in search.

8 June 2012: Google rolled out Panda 3.7 Update claiming less than 1% of search queries.

25 June 2012: Panda Update 3.8 affects 1% of queries worldwide

Essential Points for Giving Successful Interview as Web Developer

5 Jun

Expectation of person who takes your interviews as web developer varies as per the experience of web developer and he would expect to have certain standards and level of knowledge in the person as per his experience and skills. Sometimes it is little bit difficult to represent your entire knowledge and experience in 30 min. of interview and you may fail to impress even if you have good technical skills and experience. Below, expert at Chicago Web development firm try to give explanation on preparing yourself for making good impression in quick time.

If you are new at web development industry or fresh college graduate, you wouldn’t need to worry about highly technical programming stuff. At this level, person will try to reveal your interest about the industry, your awareness about basic fundamental of programming and how you tackle or make research on different situation of programming requirement which you might be dealing first time. Basic questions like how to create insert queries, basic fundamental of various database operation, error handling and testing and knowledge about basic programming language for which you are applying are some common range of questions you may face in the interview. As it is your initial level, interview takers would also try to find out what tasks you do in regular activities to update or enhance your knowledge about programming. At this level, you must show enough curiosity and passion about learning and knowing new things about programming and burning desire to make a good carrier in the industry.

The intermediate level of programming job is kind of boring and less progressive where there are only few chances to get more opportunity to illustrate your skills and logic. In this kind of job, you would asked to complete certain tasks given by senior developer and need to report completing of those tasks. You would be given all instruction like which database to use, which method is more appropriate and the tasks you would get would also be common one for different projects. Here you would not require taking any key decisions, just needing to follow the instruction in right way. In this kind of satiation, you would require representing your past experience developing any application or website, issues in programming and your ability to solve those issues would be considered as key factor for your selection. So you have to prepare yourself on presenting few examples of work which are key factor to elaborate your skills and knowledge about specific platform.

At last, with enough experience in web development industry, high salary expectation and dealing with lots of issues, here it comes to prepare for the role of senior developer. At this stage, your knowledge would be tasted from different technical aspect and you would asked to suggest solution for different issues which is going to be analyzed closely on evaluating how relevant it is. Along with testing your knowledge technically, you would also require to present your management skills as your outcome would majorly rely on your team or people who work under your guidance. You should prepare presentation which illustrates your programming knowledge, your management skills and ability to communicate efficiently with your team and clients to fulfill the desire requirement. You would also require inspiring your team, conducting seminars for knowledge awareness and motivating the team for improving productivity and best outcome.

While pursuing interview for programmer at Spinx – Chicago web development firm, we follow above standard and try to reveal individual ability as per his experience and expertise with above described things.

Web Design Glossary Part 1

30 May

It is common case where clients aren’t aware of certain terms you may use in presentation of company as custom web design service provider. Sometimes it is necessary for you to use certain technical terms in content of your web page which are little difficult for readers to understand hence have significant meaning on their use. Explaining all those terms in glossary is a good option where readers can have detail explanation on each technical word used in content. This post is the fist in sequence which we would post in future to include all possible important terms for our clients at web design Chicago Company.

SEO Friendly Web Design: it is the most common term used by web design service provider. As important of search engine optimization has been growing for website promotion, a website must get designed with keep in mind the design rules specified by major search engine. Building design with following those rules called SEO friendly website design.

Browser Compatibility:  Testing design of website in different web browsers and implementing changes to deliver the same experience is called developing browser compatible website. As different browsers have different rules, designers have to keep in mind those rules for creating same visual appearance in different browsers.

Mobile Friendly Website: As Smartphone has also become the medium of accessing web, it is good practice to design website by keep in mind the attributes of mobile browser and device like screen size of the mobile and mobile browser used and implementing changes in design which delivers good visual experience to mobile users instead of displaying the same website in mobile phone. Designing a separate layout especially for mobile device is primary requirement for creating mobile friendly website.

W3C Validation: Each thing you see on internet must follow the ideal web standard specified by World Wide Web for publishing on the web. Your website should also follow the same HTML document standard. Validating your website with these CSS and HTML standard called W3C validation. It helps in evaluating possible errors in your coding and search engine also gives more priority to websites which are W3C validated.

Custom Web Design or Web Template: There are main two ways to implement design, either designer design the website or layout form base and create entire layout on your own or he may make modification in design created by another person which is called web design template. It is easier to modify web design template and use the same structure in design compare to creating custom website design where designer has to brainstorm on each and every small to big elements in design.

Above are some basic terms in web design. In next part we would start with more technical terms which are difficult to understand.